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Introduction xiv Part 3, "Mastering the Basics of 401(k) Investing," is everyone's favorite. But no secret stock tips here. Just surefire investment strategies that work. Can you make a lot of money and not lose your shirt in the stock market? It can be done and it's not that difficult. All you need are a few decent 401(k) plan investments, add to this mix a little time, sprinkle in a touch of patience, and, voilà, you've reached your goal. We'll teach you all about investing and demystify how to pick the mutual funds and other 401(k) investments that are right for you. You'll find out what kind of investor you are and you'll use our trademark process to pick the funds in your 401(k) that will get you to your goal. Part 4, "Taking Money out of Your 401(k)," will weave you through the process of cashing in early, at retirement, or when you die (you might want your spouse or partner to read this part). Now that you've got all this money in your 401(k), how should you take it out to minimize Uncle Sam's tax bite? Part 5, "Here's Our Advice," is your own personal financial planner. Tips, tricks, quotes, and com- ments all about picking those people who can help you--professional friends, that is. There will come a time when you will need some advice to help sort things out. We'll tell you where to go, what to say, and how to tell if your advisor is more interested in putting bread on his table than on yours. Finally, we wrap up with Appendixes A, B, and C. This is where we've parked all the worksheets, resources from which you can get help, and an unbelievable glossary of terms. We are certain you'll refer to this section for many years to come. Special Features When you're looking for an answer to a question, you sometimes just want the 10-second answer. After all, if we had more time, we could have written a shorter book. Look for these feature creatures to help save you time and guide your way. Warning! The devil made me do it! Thanks, Flip! You gotta watch out for the booby traps in life. We think we found most of them ... at least the ones related to 401(k)s. For What It's Worth This is our soapbox, our way of pontificating on a particular topic. Some things in this world you "gotta know" and other things are "nice to know." These are "nice to know" things.