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Chapter 24. How to Avoid the Biggest Mis... > Retiring and Taking Money out of You... - Pg. 259

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes 259 Warning! IRA assets may or may not be protected from your creditors. It depends upon the state you live in. However, an IRA at a brokerage firm generally offers more investment options than a 401(k). You should consider an IRA if your company makes you pay for the administration expenses. Talk to a few IRA providers to really understand all the costs and the investment options of the IRA. The Least You Need to Know · There are four areas you need to know about with regard to 401(k)s and other retirement plans: saving, taxes, investing, and withdrawals. · Inform yourself about the rules and implications of various options so you can make sound decisions for your circumstances. · Keep this book nearby as a reference. If you can't find the answer in one of our chapters, then check the other resources listed in Appendix B, "Help, Help, and More Help."