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Chapter 3. How Safe Is Your 401(k) Money... > When Bad Things Happen to Good Money - Pg. 36

How Safe Is Your 401(k) Money? 36 · You have asked for but never received a summary plan description (SPD), a summary of material modification (SMM), or a plan document. · Most of the 401(k) assets have been placed in a single investment by the plan trustees. · You don't recognize the plan's trustees. They don't work for the company. They aren't a financial institution. (Be comforted when you see the trustee or custodian of your plan is a large financial institution. Be concerned if the trustee and custodian are both people within the company.) · You notice that the investments have changed in your plan, and you were never told. · You notice your money has been reallocated to different investments without your instruction. · You notice a large drop in your account balance ... and the market is up. · Your account is constantly being affected by adjustments (corrected for errors). · You request a distribution and have to wait more than four months. · Your statement doesn't match up to deductions taken from your paycheck. · The major players--plan administrator, trustee, record keeper, and investment manager-- change more than once every two years. · Your company is having financial difficulties...and two or more of the other warning signs above appear. Individually, these warning signs shouldn't alarm you. But they should cause you to get more infor- mation. If more than two or three of these signs appear, you should call for help. We suggest you contact the Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration division of the U.S. Department of Labor 202-219-8211 or try them on the Internet at Because many of the warning signs relate to information on your statement, you should check out Chapter 7, "Keeping Tabs on Your Account."