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Part: 5 Here's Our Advice - Pg. 207

207 Part 5. Here's Our Advice So, the boss doesn't sponsor a 401(k), huh? Your options are many. You could choose one of the many other tax-deferred savings arrangements, or you could try to convince the boss to start a 401(k) plan. We'll show you the different options and provide tips on how to motivate your boss. After you save a little money and get serious about your finances, you may seek some professional help. But who can you trust? Hang with us as we explore your alternatives and help you determine who will truly look out for your best interests. We finish this with Social Security and Medicare. It's no secret that the government's two largest entitlement programs are headed for bankruptcy. We'll discuss and answer your most pressing questions, like, "Will I get Social Security when I retire? And, if so how much?" We'll also give you some insight into what you can expect as the baby boomers begin retiring in the year 2002. Will Congress make the difficult decisions to bail out both programs? Good questions. We'll discover the answers together.