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Part: 5 Here's Our Advice > Good Luck! - Pg. 281

Help, Help, and More Help 281 Standard & Poor's. Provider of independent financial information and analysis. Rating services cover a wide range of financial institutions and products, including mutual funds, corporate and government bond issuers, and banks. Also publishes a number of stock market indices, including the S&P 500. Standard & Poor's Corporation, phone: 312-263-4766; Web site: www.standard- Value Line. Stock research company. Now covers mutual funds. Value Line, phone: 1-800-223-0818; Web site: Good Luck! Well, that's it--a sampling of what's out there to help you prepare for your retirement. You have the basics right here in your hands, in this guide. But now that you're no longer a complete idiot about 401(k) plans and retirement matters in general, you're ready to learn more--and you're better able to understand all the aspects to consider and the decisions to make. You've got a good start because you've already made the most important decision: to do something about your future. Good luck!