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Help, Help, and More Help 280 ESPlanner 2000. Software that uses advanced mathematical techniques to calculate how much you need to save to balance your current and future spending needs. It takes into account all your resources, including retirement benefits and Social Security, and allows you to change variables such as retirement age and spending patterns to look at "what if?" scenarios. Available on direct download or CD-ROM with manual. Buyers of ESPlanner 2000 in 2001 will receive the updated ESPlanner 2001 free when available. Published by MIT Press. Cost: $64.95. Retirement Planner 2001. Easy-to-use, award-winning program available for Windows or Mac. Can be installed via disk or downloaded directly from the Internet. Free demo downloads are available. Published by Torrid Technologies, Inc., 770-565-6405. Order by phone or online at www.torrid- Cost: $25.00. T. Rowe Price Retirement Planning Analyzer. Program that offers a basic introduction to retirement planning. It allows you to change variables such as rates of return to get a more realistic estimation of future needs in retirement. Download from the Web site at eIRAHome.htm. Cost: $9.95. Organizations American Association of Individual Investors 625 North Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 312-280-0170