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Chapter 22. Getting Help > How Does a Planner Get Paid? - Pg. 227

Getting Help 227 · Trustworthy--A planner should earn your trust and confidence. Trust is the #1 issue for the financial consumer. · Competent--You want someone who'll be able to grasp your situation and problems and help you set goals and implement a financial plan. She should have experience and knowledge in all areas of financial planning. · Committed--A planner should be committed to helping and working with her clients so that they can be successful in realizing their goals. · Objective--A planner should have your best interest at heart, whereby you get objective, un- biased advice, and recommendations that are appropriate for your needs. Our Advice Finding a planner is a lot like choosing a life partner. There's a courtship, a marriage where you work toward common goals, and, if it doesn't work out, a divorce. Choose wisely, and things are more likely to work out. How Does a Planner Get Paid?