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Chapter 22. Getting Help > What the Alphabet Soup Means - Pg. 233

Getting Help 233 CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)--Designation is awarded by the Institute of Chartered Fi- nancial Analysts to experienced financial analysts who have passed exams in economics, fi- nancial accounting, portfolio management, security analysis, and adhere to standards of con- duct. CFC (Chartered Financial Consultant)--Designation awarded by the American College of Bryn Mawr and is the insurance industry's financial planning designation. Consultants must meet experience requirements and pass exams covering finance and investing. Our Advice When searching for a planner, individuals who have credentials after their name on their business cards give you a starting point for checking them out. Ask about their credentials. CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter)--Designation awarded by the American College of Bryn Mawr. The recipients must have business experience in insurance planning and related areas and pass national examinations in insurance and related subjects. The Least You Need to Know · People fail to plan and in doing so allow chance to dictate what happens in their lives. Don't be one of them. · A financial planner can help create order out of chaos. · A financial planner should review your situation and important papers before making any kind of recom- mendations. · A financial planner expects a client to be honest and helpful. · Financial planning is affordable for most. · Choosing a good planner will take time and energy on your part.