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Part VIII: APPENDIX > Restating What You Hear - Pg. 63

63 Four Steps to Assertive Communication Even if you successfully choose assertive words, correctly assess the other person's personality type and the style of assertiveness to which they might best respond, and deliver your words with the appropriate body language, there is no guarantee that the other person will respond with the desired cooperative response! You never have more than 50% of the control in any human interaction, and the other person may ignore your skillful assertiveness. This is when you need to be prepared to increase the power of your assertiveness. You continue to be assertive, but you become a little more insistent, a little more emotional, or a little more commanding to ensure that you get what you want in the situation. Think of it as "power steps"--you start at the bottom step, which is basic assertive behavior; and if that does not work, you take one step up in power. If that does not work, you take another step, and another, if needed. At no point do you have to resort to aggressive behavior. Step 1: Repeat the Question or Statement