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Part I: You have the Right Stuff > Where Counseling Skills can be put to use

Chapter 2. Where Counseling Skills can be put to use

Most of us are surrounded with opportunities to become counselors. Learning to recognize and become involved in those we encounter can enhance our careers and personal lives. Place a check in those areas that provide you with opportunities for counseling.

AS A MANAGER OF EMPLOYEES: Counseling is recognized as a vital management tool and most supervisors use counseling almost daily.

AS A YOUTH LEADER: A scout leader or athletic coach who is responsible for the behavior of others needs some basic counseling skills.

AS AN ADVISOR IN A BUSINESS SITUATION: A banker, insurance agent, or financial counselor is often the first “outsider” to assist a client facing a problem.

AS A PARENT: It is usually more difficult for a parent to counsel a son or daughter than other outsiders.

AS A FRIEND: Sometimes, through sensitive counseling, we are in a position to help a close friend solve a problem.

AS A TEACHER (SCHOOL OR CHURCH): Many teachers are involved with informal counseling of their students.

AS A MILITARY LEADER: Commissioned and noncommissioned military officers often need counseling skills to perform the people part of their responsibilities.

AS A PEER COUNSELOR: High schools, colleges and other youth organizations have discovered that outstanding students and leaders make superior counselors with peers when adequately trained.

AS A SOCIAL WORKER: Although their time is often limited, social workers and probation officers need a high level of counseling skills to perform their roles.

AS A PLACEMENT PERSON: Career guidance and placement officers are primarily personal counselors because most clients need to overcome barriers in seeking new jobs.

AS A RETIREMENT PLANNER: Counseling is a primary tool for those seeking to help others make the transition to retirement and make the most of their later years.



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