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Part III: Seeking Solutions > Hypothetical Counseling Scenario #2

Chapter 31. Hypothetical Counseling Scenario #2

(Alice takes Jane around the four bases)

First Base: It is midafternoon and supervisor Alice has invited employee Jane into her private office. She asks the receptionist to hold all telephone calls. When Jane is comfortably seated and they have talked briefly about Jane’s new hairstyle, Alice says: “I’ve been meaning to ask you for some time how things are going for you and what success you are having in balancing home and career.” Jane starts out by saying that she is finding it increasingly difficult because one of her two children is frequently ill and other problems keep surfacing. It takes ten minutes to cover first base.
Second Base: “It is tough to raise two children alone and hold down a demanding job but there must be a few things we can consider that will help. Can we make a list?” Alice asks. Jane agrees and during the next ten minutes they isolate the following problems.

Children frequently ill

Weekend planning insufficient

Too much time devoted to shopping

Not enough sleep

Too much social activity

Car problems

Children’s day care arrangements
Third Base: “With our list in mind,” asks Alice, “what can be done to reduce some or all of the problems to size?” A conversation around this question lasts for five minutes when Jane says: “I think the basic problem is that I cannot seem to organize myself.” “I think you have something there,” replied Alice, “I really do. If we put our heads together, I think we can help you become an organized person. If so, both your home and work hours will improve. Want to try?” “Yes,” replies Jane, “and the sooner the better. To be honest with you, I knew why you called me in this afternoon. I know that I have not been producing at a high enough level. Besides, my co-workers are tired of my being late and absent so often. I want to be better organized so things will work out better. I really do.”



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