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Part III: Interpreting Your Profile > Improving Neglected Areas

Chapter 16. Improving Neglected Areas

A single FIFTY MINUTE self-help book is referenced for each of the twelve profile categories below. Although other books in or out of the FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES may support an area, only the one with the closest identification has been selected. Please check your weak categories and consider ordering a book to start your personal improvement program.

SELF-ESTEEM Developing Self Esteem: A Positive Guide To Personal Success Author: Connie Palladino, Ph.D.
WELLNESS Personal Wellness Author: Rich Griggs
COMMUNICATION The Art of Communicating Author: Bert Decker, President, Decker Communications
HUMAN SKILLS Winning At Human Relations Author: Elwood N.Chapman
HUMOR Making Humor Work Author: Terry Paulson, Ph.D.
ATTITUDE Attitude: Your Most Priceless Possession Author: Elwood N.Chapman
ASSERTTVENESS Developing Positive Assertiveness Author: Sam R.Lloyd, President, Success Systems, Inc.
SKILLS The College Experience Author: Elwood N. Chapman
QUALITY Quality At Work Author: Diane Bone & Rick Griggs
SELF-MANAGEMENT Successful Self-Management Author: Paul M. Timm, Ph.D.
CREATIVITY Creativity In Business Author: Carol Gorman, Ph.D.
INITIATIVE Stop Procrastinating: Get To Work! Author: James Sherman



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