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Chapter 1. How High is Your Self-Esteem? > How High is Your Self-Esteem?

How High is Your Self-Esteem? [*]

[*] This exercise is taken from the book Developing Self Esteem by Connie Palladino, Ph.D.


Mark a “T” for true or “F” for false after each statement as it normally relates to your thinking.

___ 1. I feel my work/career has progressed more because of luck and not because I deserve it.
___ 2. I often find myself thinking, “Why can’t I be more successful?”
___ 3. I do not believe I am working up to my potential.
___ 4. I consider it a failure when I do not accomplish my goals.
___ 5. When others are nice to me I often feel suspicious.
___ 6. Giving others compliments about their strengths often makes me feel uncomfortable.
___ 7. It is difficult to see co-workers promoted because I often feel I am more deserving.
___ 8. I do not necessarily believe that my mind has a direct influence on my physical well being.
___ 9. When things are going well, they usually will not last for me.
___ 10. I place a high value on what others think of me.
___ 11. I like to impress my supervisor.
___ 12. I find it difficult to face up to my mistakes.
___ 13. I am not comfortable always saying what I mean.
___ 14. I find it hard to say I am sorry.
___ 15. I tend to accept change in my job slowly because of fear.
___ 16. Procrastination is a good word to describe my work habits.
___ 17. I often find myself thinking, “Why even try, I won’t make it.”
___ 18. When my boss praises me, I usually do not believe him or her.
___ 19. I do not think my co-workers want me to advance professionally.
___ 20. I avoid people who I think do not like me.
___ 21. My attitude toward life could improve.
___ 22. If honest with myself, I tend to blame my parents for how my life is turning out.
___ 23. I find it difficult to look for the good in others.
___ 24. I do not think people can change their attitudes.
___ 25. I really do not believe that a self-help book will make a difference in my self-esteem.



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