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Chapter 7. Are you Sufficiently Assertive? > Exercise: An Assertiveness Quiz

Exercise: An Assertiveness Quiz

Before learning how to develop your assertiveness, it is important to take a few moments to get some idea of where you are right now. Answer the questions below honestly. They will help you gain some insights about your current level of assertiveness.

Assign a number to each item using this scale:
___ 1. I ask others to do things without feeling guilty or anxious.
___ 2. When someone asks me to do something I don’t want to do, I say “no” without feeling guilty or anxious.
___ 3. I am comfortable when speaking to a large group of people.
___ 4. I confidently express my honest opinions to authority figures (such as my boss).
___ 5. When I experience powerful feelings (anger, frustration, disappointment, etc.), I verbalize them easily.
___ 6. When I express anger, I do so without blaming others for “making me mad.”
___ 7. I am comfortable speaking up in a group situation.
___ 8. If I disagree with the majority opinion in a meeting, I can “stick to my guns” without feeling uncomfortable or being abrasive.
___ 9. When I make a mistake, I will acknowledge it.
___ 10. I tell others when their behavior creates a problem for me.
___ 11. Meeting new people in social situations is something I do with ease and comfort.
___ 12. When discussing my beliefs, I do so without labeling the opinions of others as “crazy,” “stupid,” “ridiculous,” “irrational.”
___ 13. I assume that most people are competent and trustworthy and do not have difficulty delegating tasks to others.
___ 14. When considering doing something I have never done, I feel confident I can learn to do it.
___ 15. I believe my needs are as important as those of others and I am entitled to have my needs satisfied.
TOTAL SCORE (Sum of the 15 numbers)



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