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Praise for Decide & Conquer:

Praise for Decide & Conquer:

“Do you have trouble making important decisions? If you answered, ’Well, yes and no,’ you need this book. It’s as smart and straightforward as its title. I’m buying my agent five copies.

—Joel Siegel
Entertainment Editor
Good Morning America

“I thought making decisions was as natural as breathing—something we just do. Dr. Robbins makes it crystal clear that decision making ability is a skill that can be improved with knowledge from self evaluation and consideration of the right criteria. This book will help not only people who struggle with decisions, but also those who consider themselves effective decision makers.”

—Jim Despain, Managing Partner,
DESPAINCONVERSE, and co-author of
...and Dignity for All

“Robbins shows that making good decisions requires more than just knowing the facts. You must know yourself, too! It is the human aspects of the decision-making process that fail. But these problems can be overcome. Start making good decisions now by choosing to read this book.”

—John Nofsinger, author of
Infectious Greed and Investment Blunders (of the Rich and Famous)

“A must read. Robbins translates a vast array of arcane research into a clearly written practical guide that will surely help people make better personal decisions.”

—Steven P. Schnaars, author of
Marketing Strategy, Second Edition

“This is a very personal book that has shown me how to make better choices in my life. The chapter on “Over Confidence” explains why I made some not so good choices and has changed the way I will make decisions from here on out.”

—Michael Basch, co-founder, FedEx,and author of
Customerculture: How FedEx and Other Great Companies Put the Customer First Every Day

“I loved this book. It is fun, easy to read and has ideas that can be instantly applied. Decide & Conquer should be required reading for the leaders of the future! It provides a roadmap that can help leaders make better decisions. It is also a coaching tool that leaders can use to help others make better decisions.”

—Marshall Goldsmith, co-editor of
Coaching for Leadership. Listed in Forbes
as one of five top executive coaches and in
The Wall Street Journal as a “top ten”
executive educator

“Don’t wait until you have a big decision to make to read this book. Decide & Conquer is full of provocative information to help you to understand yourself better, rationally break down any size problem and move on with your life goals. This book is thoughtful and enlightening and as Dr. Robbins reminds us, ignorance isn’t bliss.”

—Joanne Cini, Former SVP
Sales & Marketing,
NBC TV Stations

“This book is a page-turner! It will teach you more about making better decisions than almost anything you’ll ever read. A must read for anyone who wants to improve their decision making process.”

—Jason Jennings, worldwide bestselling
author of Less Is More and
It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small—It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow

“Good Decisions can form a solid foundation for a good life and career. If you want to know the state of the art on making good decisions then make the very good decision to read Decide & Conquer at your earliest opportunity.”

—Charles C. Manz, bestselling author of
Emotional Discipline and The New SuperLeadership

“Conversational yet penetrating, qualitative yet analytical, Stephen Robbins paints a portrait of decision making processes. While the focus of this book strives to super charge decision making skills for individuals, perhaps its greatest use is in allowing leaders to best interpret the recommendations of individuals and teams.”

—Kevin Kennedy, COO,
Openwave Systems Inc. and author of
Going the Distance: Why Some Companies Dominate and Others Fail

“This book makes a vast body of very important and useful research on human decision processes available to business readers in very accessible style; it should reach a wide audience and have real impact on how decisions get made.”

—Rob Austin, Harvard Business School,
and co-author of
Artful Making: What Managers Can Learn from How Artists Work

“For business leaders, knowing what to focus on and what to let go, is essential. Robbins delivers an fun read with a great set of tools and tips for doing so.”

—Amir Hartman, CEO,
Mainstay Partners, and author of
Ruthless Execution: What Business Leaders Do When Their Company Hits the Wall

“Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! We make hundreds of them everyday. Finally, a book has been written that provides us with simple, yet concrete knowledge to help us make better choices in our lives. If you want to make better decisions to improve all aspects of your life, then buy this book.”

—Christopher Neck
Associate Professor,
Department of Management,
Virginia Tech

“Brilliant insights. I wish, when I was deciding to start my own company, that I had known about Robbins. It would have saved me a lot of sleepless nights. Powerful advice on decision making.”

—Erica Orloff, novelist and author of
The 60-Second Commute: A Guide to Your 24/7 Home Office Life

“Upbeat, positive and empowering; Decide & Conquer is the road map to better decision making in both your personal and business life.”

—Cleo Coy, Former Director of Buying,

“Turning the pages of his latest book, it is easy to see why Stephen Robbins is the world’s leading authority on business management. He gets wiser with every book he writes.”

—Kathy Levinson, Ph.D.
The 60-Second Commute

“A smooth trip through the psychology, sociology and mathematics of decision making, plus handy guides on making choices that are best for you. A complicated subject marvellously encapsulated into an easy-to-swallow form. No guarantees you’ll make the right decisions, but you certainly will make better ones.”

—David Kohn
co-author of Defy the Darkness

“Lively and very well-written, this book provides valuable and hidden insight into how decisions get made ... and why they don’t! It is a must-read for professional managers everywhere ... as well as anyone looking to smooth out the rough edges of everyday life.”

—Neil Smith, Founding Partner,
EHS Partners

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