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Part Two: How Do You Make Decisions? > Who Controls Your Destiny?

Chapter Six. Who Controls Your Destiny?

For each of the following 10 statements, select the choice (a or b) with which you agree more.[1]

    1. Making a lot of money is largely a matter of getting the right breaks.

    2. Promotions are earned through hard work and persistence.

    1. There was a direct connection between how hard I studied in school and the grades I got.

    2. Many times, the reactions of my teachers in school seemed haphazard to me.

    1. The number of divorces indicates that more and more people are not trying to make their marriages work.

    2. Marriage is largely a gamble.

    1. It’s silly to think that one can really change another person’s basic attitudes.

    2. When I am right, I can convince others.

    1. Getting promoted is really a matter of being a little luckier than the next person.

    2. In our society, a person’s future earning power is dependent upon his or her ability.

    1. If one knows how to deal with people, they are really quite easily led.

    2. I have little influence over the way other people behave.

    1. The grades I made in school were the result of my own efforts; luck had little or nothing to do with it.

    2. Sometimes I felt that I had little to do with the grades I got.

    1. People like me can change the course of world affairs if we make ourselves heard.

    2. It is only wishful thinking to believe that one can readily influence what happens in our society.

    1. A great deal that happens to me is probably a matter of chance.

    2. I am the master of my fate.

    1. Getting along with people is a skill that must be practiced.

    2. It’s almost impossible to figure out how to please some people.



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