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Chapter 23. Accessing and Using Your Net... > Working with Network Files Offline

Working with Network Files Offline

Windows XP handled offline files by creating a special Offline Files folder that contained all the shared network files that you chose to work with offline. Vista handles offline files a bit differently. Specifically, you now have two ways to work with offline files:

  • Work with the files “in place” using the remote computer’s folder window— The objects available offline display the Offline Files icon superimposed on their regular icon and, when you select an offline object, the Details pane shows Offline (not connected) as the Offline Status (see Figure 23.8).

    Figure 23.8. A shared network folder displayed offline.


    You can’t navigate to a remote computer’s folder via Start, Network because Vista will tell you that you aren’t connected to a network. Either leave the remote computer’s folder window open when you disconnect or type the remote computer’s UNC path into the Run dialog box or Explorer Address bar.

  • Work with the files using Sync Center— Select Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet, Sync Center. (Alternatively, double-click the Sync Center icon in the notification area.) Click View Sync Partnerships (although this is selected by default), and then double-click Offline Files, shown in Figure 23.9.

    Figure 23.9. Use Vista’s new Sync Center to keep your offline files synchronized.



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