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Following Up a Message

Usenet is at its best when it’s interactive: questions are asked and answered; the swords of conflicting opinions are crossed; debaters cut and parry to score points on contentious issues. The engine behind all this verbal jousting is, of course, the follow-up message. To post a follow-up with Windows Mail, follow these steps:

Select the original message in the message list.

Select Message, Reply to Group. (You can also press Ctrl+G or click the Reply Group toolbar button.) Windows Mail opens a message composition window and fills it with the text from the original article.

Cut out any unnecessary text from the original article.

Type your own text in the article body.

Select File, Send Message. (Alternatives for faster service: Alt+S or click the Send button.) Windows Mail displays a dialog box telling you that your message has been sent to the news server and that it might not appear immediately.

Click OK.


Instead of posting a follow-up message, you might prefer to reply directly to the author via email. To do this, select the message and select Message, Reply to Author (or else press Ctrl+R or click the Reply button). Take a look at the address to make sure it has not been munged—altered slightly so that if a spam bot picks it up, the address will be unusable. If so, delete the extra characters that the user has inserted in the address.

If you want to send a message to both the group and the author, select Message, Reply to All, or press Ctrl+Shift+R.



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