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Chapter 24. Making Remote Network Connections > Determining the Host IP Address

Determining the Host IP Address

To connect to a remote desktop via the Internet, you need to specify an IP address instead of a computer name. The IP address you use depends on your Internet setup:

  • If the Remote Desktop host computer connects directly to the Internet and your ISP supplied you with a static IP address, connect using that address.

  • If the host computer connects directly to the Internet but your ISP supplies you with a dynamic IP address each time you connect, use the IPCONFIG utility to determine your current IP address. (That is, select Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt to get to the command line, type ipconfig, and press Enter.) Make note of the IPv4 Address value returned by IPCONFIG (you might need to scroll the output up to see it) and use that address to connect to the Remote Desktop host.


    If you want to use Remote Desktop via the Internet regularly, constantly monitoring your dynamic IP address can be a pain, particularly if you forget to check it before heading out of the office. A useful solution is to sign up with a dynamic DNS service, which supplies you with a static domain name. The service also installs a program on your computer that monitors your IP address and updates the service’s dynamic DNS servers to point your domain name to your IP address. Here are some dynamic DNS services to check out:

    TZO (www.tzo.com)

    No-IP.com (www.no-ip.com)

    DynDNS (www.dyndns.org)

  • If your network uses a gateway, determine that gateway’s IP address. You usually have to log on to the gateway’s setup pages and view some sort of status page. Figure 24.8 shows an example. When you set up your Remote Desktop connection, you’ll connect to the gateway, which will then forward your connection (thanks to your efforts in the next section) to the Remote Desktop host.

    Figure 24.8. Log on to your gateway device to see its current IP address.



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