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Working with the QuickTime Properties To... > Change a Video Track's Normal Size o... - Pg. 21

QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen 3. 4. 5. 21 Choose the track you want to extract and click OK. A new QuickTime Player window will be created, and it will contain the track that you extracted. Edit the new movie to remove any material that you don't want or to add more material to it. Save the new movie. Working with the QuickTime Properties Tool A very powerful, but fairly hidden, QuickTime Player tool is the Movie Properties tool. You can use this tool to get all sorts of information about your movie and to change many aspects of it. Because of space limitations, I don't have room to show you much of what this tool can do, but after you use it once, you can explore it on your own. To see this tool, open a movie and choose Movie, Get Movie Properties (or press Properties dialog will appear (see Figure 1.10). +J). The Movie