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QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen Command Movie, Go to Poster Frame Movie, Set Poster Frame Movie, Choose Language Keyboard Shortcut None What Happens Every QuickTime movie has a poster frame; this is the frame that appears when the movie is first opened. By default, this is the first frame in the movie. Choosing this command moves you to the poster frame for the current movie. Sets the poster frame for the current movie. QuickTime movies can contain tracks that provide different languages. If the movie that you are watching has multiple language tracks, use this command to choose the language that you want to hear. 8 None None Viewing QuickTime Content with Other Applications QuickTime movies can also be inserted into many types of documents, such as Word files, Pow- erPoint presentations, and so on. When you view a QuickTime movie in other applications, you will see a "mini" QuickTime controller that enables you to watch the movie that is embedded in a par- ticular document. Applications can add or remove controls to customize the interface that you see in that application, but when you understand how to view movies with the QuickTime Player, you won't have any trouble with these other controllers. NOTE Some movies are produced not to display any controller. When you open this type of movie, it plays start to end, and you can't control it (other than to quit the application of course). The other application in which you are most likely to spend time watching QuickTime content is from a Web browser. All Mac OS X Web browsers can use the QuickTime plug-in that enables the browser to display QuickTime movies. The specific way this happens depends on how the movie is created and presented. Most of the time, you see the movie window within the browser along with