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QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen 7 You can control the size of the movie by using the commands on the Movie menu. Increasing the size of a movie beyond the size at which it was created will sometimes decrease its image quality and frame rate. With some movies, this is hardly noticeable; with others, increasing the size can make the movie unwatchable. You can experiment to see which size is the best compromise for a particular movie on your specific system. Note TIP You can also change the size of the QuickTime Player window using the Resize handle. The window will remain in proportion to the size in which the movie was created. You can quickly return a movie to its default size by choosing Movie, Normal Size or by pressing +1. To watch a movie, click the Play button (or press the Spacebar) and use the Volume slider to adjust its sound level. TIP You can mute a movie by clicking the speaker icon at the left edge of the Volume slider. You can get more control over the movie's sound using the Sound controls; display them by choos- ing Movie, Show Sound Controls. The Timeline bar will be replaced by sliders for balance, bass, and treble. Use the sliders to make the changes you want. Choose Movie, Hide Sound Commands to return to the Timeline bar view. Similarly, you can control the brightness of the movie using the Video controls; choose Movie, Show Video Controls to display the Brightness bar. Click and drag on the Brightness bar to the right to make the movie brighter or to the left to make it less bright; choose Movie, Hide Video Controls when you are done. When it comes to watching QuickTime movies in QuickTime Player, that's about