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QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen 6 Figure 1.2. Using QuickTime Player to watch QuickTime movies is a lot like using a VCR or DVD player. If you open QuickTime Player Pro directly (by clicking its icon on the Dock, for example), you will see what Apple euphemistically calls hotpicks. Basically, these are ads that QuickTime downloads each time that you start QuickTime Player directly (if you open a movie file, you won't see the hotpicks). If these ads annoy you, you can turn this feature off. From QuickTime Player, choose QuickTime Player, Preferences, Player Preferences. Uncheck the "Show Hot Picks movie auto- matically" checkbox, and then click OK. Most of the controls in the QuickTime Player window are easy to understand and use. For example, the Review button plays the movie in reverse, the Preview button plays the movie in fast forward mode, and so on. NOTE You have to continue pressing the Review and Preview buttons to keep the movie playing at that speed. When you release the mouse button, the movie returns to its previous state (playing or stopped). However, some of the controls and information might be less familiar to you, especially if you have never worked with digital video. The current frame is shown in the viewing window (if you haven't played the movie, it is the first frame in the movie, which is called the poster frame). Just below the viewing window, you will see the movie's Timeline bar. This represents the total length of the movie. The location of the playhead shows where in the movie the current frame is located. As you play a movie, the playhead moves to the right in the Timeline bar (or to the left when you play the movie in reverse), so that it always shows the location of the frame being shown in the viewing window. At the left edge of the Timeline bar, you see the timecode. The timecode represents the location of the playhead in the following format: Minutes:Seconds: FrameNumber. For example, if you see 2:34:10, the playhead is located on the 10th frame of the 34th second of the second minute of the movie. NOTE The Timeline bar is also known as the Scrubber bar.