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QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen 2. 9 3. 4. Click a trailer's link to view it. What happens next depends on how the particular trailer has been created. As you read in the previous sidebar, many trailers are offered in different versions, which are sized to be appropriate for various connection speeds. Click the movie size that your connection supports. You will usually see a movie frame with the words "Click to play." Click the movie frame. You will see the movie along with QuickTime controls that you can use to watch the movie (see Figure 1.3). The movie will begin to play as soon as enough has been downloaded to your Mac so that the trailer will play continuously to the end. If you use a fast connection, this will happen quickly. If you use a slow dial-up connection, it can take some time for enough of the movie to be downloaded to provide a smooth movie experience. You can see how much of a movie has been downloaded by looking at the shaded part of the Timeline bar. You can force a movie to start at any time by pressing the Spacebar. If you don't wait for the automatic start, the movie might stop before it finishes if it "runs out" of downloaded movie before it gets to the end.