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iTools: Maybe the Only Internet Tool You Ever Need 166 Figure 6.3. Cool globe, eh? 3. 4. Enter your member name and password. Click Enter. You will see the iTools services page from which you can access the various iTools services, such as HomePage. TIP Internet Explorer includes a favorite to the iTools site in the Favorites bar. Click this to jump directly to the iTools Web site. After you have logged in, you can sometimes return to your iTools services page without having to log in again. If you can move directly to one of the services pages, such as the HomePage page, you are already logged into your account. If you see the Login page instead, you have to log back into your account before you can use a service. (At the time of this writing, this behavior seemed to be a bit inconsistent so you just have to try it for yourself.) TIP You can log in to your iTools account from any computer running Mac OS 9 or later by visiting the iTools Web page and logging in to your account. The More Accounts, the Merrier Each user account on your Mac can have its own iTools account. The iTools settings in the Internet pane of the System Preferences utility of one account do not affect the other ac- counts. The steps to work with other accounts are exactly the same as those to work with the first one that you created. If you are a stickler about such things, when you are done using iTools, you can click Logout to log out of your account (although it doesn't seem to hurt anything to remained logged in because you will be logged out automatically if you don't use your account for a period of time).