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Using the Finder to Put Projects on CD > Testing the CD - Pg. 303

Putting Your Projects on CD TIP 303 Activities that require heavy access to your Mac's drives, such as graphics or video work, can cause slight pauses in the CD burning process. Sometimes, these pauses can lead to problems, and the disc might not complete the burning process or might not work properly even if it does complete it. If you have trouble writing to a disc, close all open applications and try again. If the Finder has all the resources available to your Mac, it has the best chance of creating the CD properly. Testing the CD After the burn process is complete, eject the CD. Then reinsert it and open its files and folders to make sure that it works as you planned. For example, open QuickTime movies and play them. Try to move about a Web site on the disc. Open image files. Check the disc's organization. If something is wrong, you will need to try again (fortunately, CD media is cheap!). For example, if a movie plays poorly, it might be that the image size is too large or the frame rate is too high to play back from a CD (try dragging it to your hard drive and play it from there). In such a case, you might want to adjust the settings you used for the movie until you achieve better performance. Or just add instructions to your ReadMe file to explain that the files should be moved to the hard drive for better performance. After you are sure that the CD is what you were shooting for, it is ready to be sent to others or to be added to your own collection. NOTE If you want to get fancy, you can obtain blank CD labels on which you print to create your own custom labels. Or you can just write on the label side of the CD with a felt-tip pen