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Using Smart iMovie Tricks to Liven Things Up > Adding Instant Replay - Pg. 122

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 122 Figure 4.24. The selected clip has been sped up; you can tell by the fast forward indicator in the clip on the Timeline Viewer. 5. 6. With the clip selected, preview it in the Monitor. Continue adjusting the speed until you have achieved the effect that you desired. To return a clip to its original speed, repeat the previous steps except this time, place the slider in the center of the range. TIP Changing a clip's speed also changes its audio. If you don't want the audio to be affected by the speed change, extract the audio from the clip first (you'll learn how to do that later in this chapter). Changing Direction You change the direction in which clips play by using the following steps. Change a Clip's Direction of Play 1. 2. 3. Select the clip whose direction you want to change. Choose Advanced, Revese Clip Direction (or press +R). The clip will be marked with a re- verse direction marker and will play in the opposite direction. Preview the clip in the Monitor. Adding Instant Replay You can combine the previous two tricks to create an instant replay effect. Create Instant Replay 1. Select the portion of the clip that you want to replay and copy it; to make the most realistic effect, include the very end of the clip in your selection.