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Using Keywords to Find Images > Find Images by Keyword Searches - Pg. 75

iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album keyword to each image that you want a print of and then find those images by searching for the checkmark keyword. (The checkmark actually appears in the lower right corner of the image itself instead of next to it.) After you order the prints, you can remove the check- mark keyword (choose Edit, Undo Add Keyword or select the images and click the check- mark keyword again). Using Keywords to Find Images 75 After you have associated keywords with your images, it is quite simple to use those keywords to find all the images associated with one or more keywords. Find Images by Keyword Searches 1. 2. 3. 4. Select the album in the Source pane in which you want to search for images; choose Photo Library if you want to search all of the images that you have imported into iPhoto. Click the Organize mode button if it is not already selected. Move the Assign/Search switch to the Search position. When you are in the Search mode, the None button becomes the Show All button. Click the keywords that are associated with the images that you want to see. For example, if you click the keyword "Vacation," you will find those images to which the keyword "Vacation" has been assigned. You can click as many keywords as you'd like to make your search more specific. For example, clicking "Vacation" and "Scenic" would find only those photos with which both keywords are associated. As you click on keywords, the images in the Content pane will include only those with which the keywords that you clicked are associated (see Figure 3.15).