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Using iMovie to Put Projects on Videotap... > Recording an iMovie Project on a DV ... - Pg. 287

287 Chapter 16. Exporting Your Projects to Videotape Putting your digital lifestyle projects on videotape is a good way to store and distribute them for the following reasons: · Almost every home has a VCR. Because VCRs are ubiquitous, you can count on being able to distribute your projects on videotape to just about anyone. Unlike other distribution methods, such as DVD or over the Web, you don't have to be concerned with whether the person to whom you are sending the videotape will have the equipment needed to view it. · Videotape is inexpensive. You can purchase blank videotapes for less than $1. That makes them a very inexpensive media to use to record your projects. · No technical savvy is required to play videotape. Using a VCR is very basic, and there aren't any technical issues associated with playing one. You don't have to be concerned that the person receiving your videotape won't know what to do with it.