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Using iMovie to Create the Soundtrack > Mixing the Soundtrack - Pg. 226

Creating Soundtracks for Digital Lifestyle Projects 226 Figure 10.3. I've added two music tracks to the soundtrack that I am creating. Adding Sound Effects Now add the sound effects to the soundtrack. Add Sound Effects to the Soundtrack 1. 2. 3. Place the Playhead at the location where you want the first sound effect to begin playing. Choose File, Import File. Move to the first sound effect that you want to place, select it, and click Import. The sound effect will be placed on the Audio 2 track. If there is music over the same portion of the track, the two sounds will play at the same time. If you use a sound effect from iMovie's Audio palette, you can drag it to either Audio track. Drag the sound effect to the Audio 1 track so that the sound clips are easier to work with. Repeat Steps 2­4 until all of the sound effects are included in the soundtrack (see Figure 10.4). NOTE 4. 5. Figure 10.4. This soundtrack includes two sound effects that are located in the Audio 1 track. Adding Recorded Sounds Use iMovie's recording tools to record narration or other sounds effects if those are called for in your soundtrack's script. (See Chapter 4 to learn how to record sound in iMovie). Mixing the Soundtrack After you have placed all the sounds in the soundtrack, it is time to mix the soundtrack. Using the sound editing skills that you learned in Chapter 4, do the following tasks: · · · · Crop sounds that are too long. Move sounds on the Timeline Viewer to change the time at which they play. Change the relative volume level of the various sound clips. Fade sounds in or out.