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Using iMovie to Create Its Own Sound Eff... > Create a Sound Effect in iMovie - Pg. 260

Adding Digital Tricks to iMovie's Bag TIP 260 You can create interesting title clips by capturing an image from your movie to use as the background for the title. Display the frame that you want to use as a background and choose Edit, Create Still Clip. The frame will become a still image clip on the Shelf. You can use this image as a title's background by following the previous steps. Adding Sound Effects to the Audio Palette Adding sound effects is a great way to enhance your movies. In Chapter 4, you learned how to use the default sound effects that are included on iMovie's Audio palette, and you also learned how to import sounds to use as sound effects. In this section, you'll learn how to add your own sound effects to iMovie's Audio palette. Adding a sound effect to the Audio palette means that it is available for you to add to any of your movies (instead of importing it each time you want to use it). You can also remove any of iMovie's default sound effects that you don't ever use. NOTE If you are going to use a sound effect only a time or two, it is better to import that sound effect into your movie project rather than adding it to iMovie's Audio palette. The more effects that are installed on iMovie's Tool palettes, the more resources iMovie requires to run. Adding Sound Effects That Others Have Created You can find millions (literally) of sound effects on the Internet. Because you can use QuickTime Pro to convert just about any audio file into AIFF, you can use just about any sound file as an iMovie