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Uploading Files to Your iDisk > Upload Files for the Web Site to Your iDisk - Pg. 315

Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 315 Uploading Files to Your iDisk After you have prepared the content of your site, you upload the files you will place on your Web pages to the various folders on your iDisk. Upload Files for the Web Site to Your iDisk 1. Open your iDisk (see Chapter 6 if you don't know how to do this). Remember that you will only be able to place files on your iDisk, and thus on your Web site, up to your iDisk's size limit (which is only 20MB if you haven't upgraded it). Place your movies in the Movies folder. Place any folders containing images that you exported from iPhoto in the Pictures folder. Place the folder containing your preview images in the Pictures folder, too. Place the files that you want to provide on an FTP page in your Public folder (see Figure 19.5). NOTE 2. 3. 4. 5.