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Understanding QuickTime Quality > QuickTime Movies and Resolution - Pg. 13

QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen Configuring the Media Keys Tab 13 Media keys enable you to manage your access to protected data files. If you need to get to Quick- Time files that are secured with passwords, you need to use a password (called a key) to be able to access the files. Individual tracks can also be secured with a key. If you use such secured Quick- Time files, you can enter the keys needed to play them in this tab. You aren't likely to ever need to do this, but if you ever are, you at least know where to go to set it up. Configuring the Update Tab You use the Update tab to configure how and when QuickTime updates its software. You'll learn about this tab in the next section. Keeping QuickTime Up-to-Date Apple continually improves QuickTime, and it is generally a good idea to keep QuickTime at the most current version. You can keep QuickTime current on your Mac in the following ways: 1. 2. Use QuickTime Player. Open the QuickTime Player application and choose QuickTime Player, Update Existing Software. Use the Update tab. Open the Update tab of the QuickTime pane in the System Preferences utility. Click the "Update or install QuickTime software" radio button and then click Update Now. Check the "Check for updates automatically" checkbox to have QuickTime check for updates on its own; this is generally a good idea because you don't even have to bother thinking about it. Use Your iDisk. Open your iTools' iDisk and then open the Software folder. Download any QuickTime updates that you see. 3.