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iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software Table 4.3. iMovie's Transitions Tools Tool Preview window What It Does 95 When you select a transition on the list of available transitions, a preview of that transition will play in the Preview window. You can use this to get a quick idea of what the transition looks like. You will see the transition applied to the clip that you have selected; if you don't have a clip selected, you will see that transition applied to the first clip in your movie. When you click the Preview button, you will see a preview of the transition applied to the clip shown in the Monitor window. This makes the effect of the transition easier to see because it appears much larger, but it also takes longer to preview. You use this button to change a transition that has been placed in a movie. You select the transition clip, use the Transitions tools to make changes to it, and then click the Update button to apply those changes to the transition clip that you have placed in the movie. You use this slider to control the amount of time over which the transition effect is displayed. Moving the slider to the left makes the transition last a shorter amount of time. Moving it to the right stretches the transition out so that it takes longer to play. After you release the slider, you immediately see the transition in the Preview window. In the lower-right corner of the Preview window, you can see how long the selected transition takes with the current setting of the Speed slider. This list shows the transition effects that are currently available to you. To work with a transition effect, you select it. When a transition has a directional component, such as a push effect, you use the direction controls to set the direction of the transition. For example, when you use the Push transition (where one clip "pushes" the previous one off the screen), you click the arrow for the direction in which you want the push to occur. Preview button Update but- ton Speed slider Available transitions Direction control No matter which transition effect you apply, the general process to add a transition is the same. 1. 2. Select the clip to which you want to apply the transition. Select the transition that you want to apply; you will see preview in the Preview window.