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The Tools Palette > The Effects Palette - Pg. 97

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software Tool Text blocks What It Does 97 You type the text for your title in the text blocks that appear on the palette. You see two or more styles of text block, depending on what style you use. Most styles use single lines of text. Others use a larger text block into which you can place a fair amount of text. Some titles can contain multiple text blocks. When you select one of these, the Add (+) and Remove (-) text blocks buttons will appear. Click the Add button to add text blocks to your title. Click Remove (-) to remove text blocks. Add/Remove Text Blocks The general steps to apply a title to a movie are the following: 1. 2. 3. Decide what sort of text you want to add (caption, credit, date, or title) and to which clip you want to apply the text (or whether you want to apply it to a black background). Based on the kind of text you add and where you apply it, decide on a title style to use. Open the Titles palette and click a title style to select it. You will see a preview in the Preview window. 4. Type the text for the title in the text boxes for that style. Use the Add button (if available) to add more text blocks to the title. 5. Choose a font, color, and size for the title. 6. Set the direction of the motion (if applicable). 7. Set the speed and pause (if applicable) of the title. 8. Preview the title in the Preview window and by clicking the Preview button (to preview it in the Monitor). 9. Make adjustments to the title until it is what you want. 10. Place the title in your movie.