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iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 98 Unlike the Transitions and Titles palettes, the effects available on the Effects palette are related to each other only in that they all appear on the same palette. Each effect is unique, and the controls that appear for one effect might or might not be the same as those that appear for another. For example, the Adjust Colors effect includes sliders for Hue Shift, Color, and Brightness while the Sepia Tone effect doesn't have any tone adjustments. Fortunately though, all the effects do work similarly even though the controls you see for various effects might be a bit different. The available effects on the Effects palette are described in Table 4.5. Table 4.5. Special Effects Available on the Effects Palette Effect Adjust Colors Black and White Brightness/ Contrast Sepia Tone Sharpen Soft Focus Water Ripple What It Does Enables you to adjust the hue, color, and lightness of a clip Converts a clip into black and white Enables you to adjust the brightness and contrast of a clip Applies a "wood grain" texture to the clip Adjusts a clip's sharpness Applies a blur to the images in a clip Makes the image look as if it is being shot through water; can also be used to apply a "heat shimmer" effect When To Use It When a clip has poor color or seems somewhat dingy For artistic effects When a clip is too dark, too bright, or has poor contrast For artistic effects (often used to make a clip appear as if it were filmed in the past) When a clip is too "fuzzy" For artistic effects For artistic effects Many of the controls on the Effects palette are similar to those on the other palettes as you can see in Table 4.6. Table 4.6. iMovie's Effects Tools Tool Preview window Preview button Apply but- ton Restore Clip button What It Does When you click an effect, you see a preview of it in the Preview window. Click this button to see a preview of the selected effect in the Monitor. Click this button to apply the selected effect to the selected clip. This button is unique to the Effects palette. When you apply an effect to a clip, iMovie reworks that clip using the effect that you apply. However, it also saves the original clip so that you can go back to it if you want (this is like an undo that you can use at any point in the future). If you decide that you don't want an effect any more, you can click Restore Clip. The clip is returned to the condition in which it was before you applied the effect to it. Saving two versions of a clip (the one to which an effect has been applied along with the original one) consumes extra disk space that you might not be able to afford. When you click the Commit button, the original clip (the one that doesn't have the effect applied) is deleted. Avoid using the Commit button as long as you can. Being able to go back to a pristine version of your clip is often desirable in the event that you mess up a clip (of course, you can always reimport it from your camcorder, too). After you are sure that the changed clip is what you want, click Commit to free up some disk space. The Effect In slider controls the number of frames over which the effect is applied. When the slider is all the way to the left, the effect is applied in full force from the start of the clip. As the slider is moved to the right, the effect "fades in" and is applied gradually over the time selected on the slider up to the maximum amount of time on the slider (10 seconds). For example, if you wanted to apply the black-and-white effect to a clip that is surrounded by two color clips, you might want the color of the clip to slowly fade away so that the transition to black-and-white isn't jarring. The Effect Out slider controls the time over which the effect "fades out." When the slider is all the way to the right, the effect remains in full force until the end of the clip. As the slider is moved to the left, the effect begins to fade out from the point at which the slider is set (the maximum amount is 10 seconds before the end of the clip). This area contains the list of effects from which you can choose. You can use the scroll box to see all the available effects. Commit button Effect In slider Effect Out slider Available Effects