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The QuickTime Way > Viewing QuickTime Movies - Pg. 5

QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen 4. 5 5. 6. 7. 8. Enter the registration information that you received from Apple, including to whom the Pro version was registered, your organization, and the registration number. If you don't enter this information exactly as it came to you from Apple, the registration won't work so double-check the information you enter. Click OK. You should now be a "pro." Click Registration again. Make sure that you see the phrase "Pro Player Edition" just above the Registration buttons. If you do, you are all set. If not, re-enter your registration information. Quit the System Preferences utility. For the remainder of this book, I won't worry about making a distinction about QuickTime Pro versus QuickTime. Since I assume that you have upgraded, I also assume that the differences are no longer important. NOTE The QuickTime configuration, including QuickTime Pro registration, is part of the preferen- ces for Mac OS X user accounts. This means that when you configure QuickTime, such as registering the Pro version, your changes affect the current user account only. If you want more than a single user account to be configured for QuickTime, you will need to repeat the QuickTime configuration steps (Pro registration, connection speed, and so on) for each user account. Viewing QuickTime Movies You'll find QuickTime movies in all the right places, including on your hard drive, CD-ROMs, DVD-