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iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 90 Figure 4.1. With iMovie, you can create just about anything that you can con ceive of. In the upper left corner of the window is the Monitor. Here, you preview and edit your movie, as well as the clips from which you build it. In the upper right, you will see the iMovie Tool pane. At the bottom of the pane, you will see five buttons, with each button opening a palette of tools in the pane. Just below the Tool pane are the disk space tools that you use to manage the disk space with which your project is associated. At the bottom of the window, you will see the viewers of which there are two, those being the Clip Viewer and the Timeline Viewer (you can only see one viewer at a time). iMovie Modes iMovie has two basic modes in which you operate: Camera or Edit. The mode you are in is deter- mined by the position of the Camera/Edit mode switch (see Figure 4.1). When the switch is to the left, iMovie is in the Camera mode. In this mode, you work with a DV camera that is attached to your Mac to import video clips from which you will build your movie. When the switch is to the right and iMovie is in the Edit mode, you work with video clips to preview them, edit them, and so on. You will spend most of your iMovie time in the Edit mode. NOTE You seldom actually have to move the Camera/Edit mode switch. When iMovie detects that a camera is connected to your Mac, it selects the Camera mode automatically. When you select a video clip to work with it, iMovie switches to the Edit mode automatically. The Monitor The Monitor serves two purposes. One is to enable you to view clips and your movie as you work with them. Its second function is to enable you to edit video clips by removing frames, pasting frames, splitting clips, and so on. The controls that you see in the Monitor depend on the mode in which iMovie is operating. The Monitor in Edit Mode Since you will spend most of your time in the Edit mode, take a few moments to learn about the Monitor's controls when iMovie is in this mode (see Figure 4.2). Table 4.1 explains the elements of the Monitor window that you need to understand.