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iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software Element View in Full Screen Fast For- ward/ Pre- view Volume Purpose Plays the selected clips in full-screen mode in which you only see the clips; the iMovie interface disappears. 92 You can preview (called search forward in iMovie lingo) by clicking the Fast Forward button. The Playhead zooms across the screen until you click the Fast Forward button again. Adjust the playback volume using the Volume slider. Note that this only affects the current volume of the clip and in no way changes the clip or the movie itself. This volume setting is temporary and does not affect your movie. One of the most important iMovie skills you need is the ability to move around in a clip quickly and precisely in order to preview and edit clips. The following are the most important ways to move around: · Click the Playhead and drag it to the right to move forward in the clip (or to the left to move backward in the clip). When you release the mouse button, the Playhead is at the exact position that you left it. The current frame will be shown in the Monitor, and you can see the exact position at which the Playhead is located by the timecode displayed next to the Playhead. Use this method for large but quick movements in the clip, such as moving from the beginning to the middle. · You can move the Playhead much more precisely by using the keyboard; this is essential when you get to detailed editing because you can move by increments as small as a single frame. To move the Playhead one frame at a time, use the Left and Right arrow keys. As you can probably guess, the Right arrow key moves the Playhead forward one frame, and the Left arrow key moves you backward one frame. Use this method to position the Playhead very precisely. · You can move the Playhead forward or backward 10 frames at a time by holding the Shift key down while you press the Left or Right arrow keys. This movement technique is also very useful