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The iTunes Way > Burning Tracks - Pg. 35

iTunes: Burning Down the House 35 · You can create your own Equalizer settings by first choosing Manual from the pop-up menu. Then drag the slider for each frequency to the volume level at which you want that frequency to be played. · You can add your custom Equalizer settings to the pop-up menu by configuring the Equalizer and choosing Make Preset from the pop-up menu. In the Make Preset dialog, name your preset and click OK. Your preset will be added to the list and you can choose it just as you can one of the iTunes default settings. · You can edit the list of presets by choosing Edit List from the pop-up menu. The Edit Presets dialog will appear. You can use to this to rename or delete any of the presets, including the default presets. You can also associate Equalizer presets with specific songs. Associate a Specific Equalizer Preset with an Individual Song 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Select the song to which you want to apply a preset. Choose File, Get Info (or press +I). The Song Information window will appear. Click the Options tab. On the Equalizer Preset pop-up menu, choose the preset that you want to be used for that song. Click OK. When that song plays, the preset selected will be used. TIP Using the View Options dialog, you can have the Equalizer column displayed in the Content pane. This column includes an Equalizer preset pop-up menu from which you can choose a preset for a song.