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The iTools Way > Getting an iTools Account - Pg. 163

iTools: Maybe the Only Internet Tool You Ever Need 163 Getting an iTools account isn't hard either. To start using an iTools account, you must first create your account and then configure your Mac with your account's information. NOTE If you already have an iTools account and have configured it on Mac OS X, skip to the section called " Working with Your iDisk ." Getting an iTools Account You can create an iTools account on Apple's iTools Web site. When you are ready to create your iTools account, you have the following options: · Use a Web browser to move to and click the Sign Up button. · Open the System Preferences utility, click the Internet icon, click the iTools pane, and then click the Sign Up button. · When you install Mac OS X and reach the iTools configuration page, click the Sign Up button. All three options lead you to the iTools information page in which you enter your personal information to create your iTools account (see Figure 6.1). Enter your information on this screen and then follow the on-screen instructions to create your iTools account. You will have to provide personal infor- mation and accept a license agreement. The only information you really need to think about is the Member Name and password for your account.