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The iPhoto Way > Making Your iPhoto Preferences Known - Pg. 67

iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album 67 · HomePage. Use this tool to assemble an iTools Web site displaying your photos. ( You'll learn more about this in Chapter 19, " Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools .") · Export. You use this option to export your images in a variety of ways. You can export images as separate files, in case you want to use them in other applications or for other purposes. You can also export images in a Web page or as a QuickTime movie. This is useful for creating and saving custom slideshows. ( You'll learn how to do this in Chapter 15, "Building Digital Lifestyle Slideshows." NOTE The difference between the Slide Show button in the Share tool pane and the Slide Show button just below the Source pane is that with the Slide Show button below the Source pane, you can't choose any options; the slideshow plays with the preferences you have set. When you use the Slide Show on the Share tool pane, you can choose the options for the slide- show. Making Your iPhoto Preferences Known Configuring iPhoto is relatively simple. Choose iPhoto, Preferences, and you will see the iPhoto Preferences dialog (see Figure 3.10).