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The iMovie Way > Building a Movie in iMovie - Pg. 103

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software Setting Views Preferences The View preferences tab contains the controls explained in Table 4.9. Table 4.9. iMovie's Views Preferences Preference Shown Thumbnails in Timeline checkbox Use Short Time Co- des checkbox Show More Details checkbox Show Locked Audio Only When Selected checkbox What It Does 103 When this box is checked, you see a thumbnail image at the center of clips on the Timeline Viewer. This helps you understand your clips better so you should leave this on. When this box is checked, leading zeros in timecodes that are less than one minute are hidden. Since leading zeros don't add any information, you might as well turn this on. When turned on, this control causes more information to appear in the video clips shown in the Timeline Viewer, including clip title, timecode, effects icons, and so on. Generally, you should turn this on (it is off by default). You can lock audio clips to specific points relative to the Playhead's position in a movie. When you do this, you can move other elements around in the movie, and the audio remains in sync with the element to which you locked it. When this checkbox is checked, you see the locked icon only when an audio clip that has been locked has been selected. I like to leave this off since it is helpful to see which audio is locked when you are looking at a movie in the Timeline Viewer. Setting Advanced Preferences The Advanced preferences tab contains the settings detailed in Table 4.10. Table 4.10. iMovie's Advanced Preferences Preference Extract Audio in Paste Over check- box What It Does You can paste video over an existing video segment. When this checkbox is checked, the audio track for the video over which you are pasting a clip is extracted, and it is not included in the resulting video. For example, suppose that you have a clip containing narration that you don't want to maintain, but you want to replace part of the video that you shot with another clip. With this option on, when you paste in the new segment, the