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iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac 138 Figure 5.1. The iDVD window is elegantly designed; it combines simplicity with power. The top pane of the window is called the menu. This is the area that appears onscreen when the DVD is played. Buttons represent each project that has been placed on the DVD; you select a button to view the content with which it is associated. Each menu can include up to six buttons; a disc can contain multiple menus so that you can store as many projects on a disc as you have room for on the DVD. Each menu has a theme that determines how the menu looks and sounds. At the most basic, a theme is simply a static image that is the menu's background. However, menus can contain motion, which means that a movie can play as the menu's background while the menu appears on the screen (if you have watched DVD movies, you have, no doubt, seen examples of motion menus). Motion menus can include a movie with sound, a movie without sound, or a static image with sound. You can apply one of iDVD's default themes to your menus, and you can create and save your own themes. Buttons can also have motion, which means that the content that is accessed by that button plays within the button itself while the button is being viewed. This type of motion provides a preview of the content without the viewer having to actually open it. (Again, if you have viewed commercially produced DVD movies, sometimes the chapter buttons contain motion and show you part of the chapter associated with the button). iDVD Controls Along the bottom of the iDVD window, you will see the six iDVD control buttons, which are the following: · Theme. This button opens or closes the iDVD Drawer (which you will learn about in the next section). · Folder. When you click this button, you create a new folder that represents an additional menu on the DVD. When you open a folder, you see the new menu. · Slideshow. Use this button to create a slideshow. When you click it, iDVD moves into the Sli- deshow mode.