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The Digital Lifestyle Tools > iPhoto Is Not Your Father's Photo Album - Pg. xiii

Introduction xiii Figure Figure IN.1. QuickTime Player enables you to view, edit, create, and translate all sorts of digital media. iTunes Burns Down the House iTunes is the Mac's way cool digital music application. Of course, iTunes enables you to do the basics such as listening to CDs, MP3 music, and so on, but it does so much more. You can create your own custom audio CDs, create and manage your own playlists, interface with mobile music players, and so on (see Figure IN.2). iTunes empowers you to master the music in your life. Figure Figure IN.2. iTunes will rock your world. iPhoto Is Not Your Father's Photo Album If any application matches the cliché "last but not least," iPhoto is it. While it is the most recent application to be added to the digital lifestyle suite, iPhoto does for digital images what the others do for music, video, and more. iPhoto enables you to do all things with your photos, from the creative, such as making Web sites and slideshows, to the practical, such as providing prints to the important people in your life. From downloading images from a digital camera to publishing your own picture books, iPhoto gives you the tools to take your photos to the limit of your imagination (see Figure IN. 3).