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The Clips Palette (AKA the Shelf) > The Transitions Palette - Pg. 94

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 94 Figure 4.4. The Shelf lives up to its name; it holds the clips and images from which you will build a movie. The Transitions Palette The segment between two clips in a movie is called the transition. You can use different transitions to smooth the flow from one clip into the next so that your series of individual clips doesn't look like a series of clips, but rather a movie that flows smoothly from one scene to the next. All movies use transitions of one sort or another. The three most common types of transitions are the Straight Cut, Cross Dissolve, and Fade To or From Black. The straight cut isn't a transition that you have to apply; this is what happens when you don't add a transition. A Straight Cut transition occurs when one scene runs right into the next one. As long as the adjacent scenes are similar enough, the Straight Cut seems very natural, and you don't even notice it. The Cross Dissolve is also very common. One scene dissolves into the next. This transition can be useful when the adjacent scenes are somewhat similar, but different enough that a straight cut is a bit jarring. The Fade To or From Black are two of the more useful transitions. With the fade, a clip fades to black (or fades in from a black screen). You can apply these and other transitions to a movie by using the Transitions tools that appear when you click the Transitions button (see Figure 4.5). The Transition tools are explained in Table 4.3. Figure 4.5. The Transitions tools enable you to smooth the digital flow of your movies.