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Stocking the Shelf with Clips > Adding Video Clips from a DV Camera - Pg. 106

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 106 Building a Basic Video Track Your next step is to create the basic video track. To do this, use the following general steps: 1. 2. 3. Import the clips and images that you will use in your movie. Edit the clips you imported. Build the basic video track from your edited clips. Stocking the Shelf with Clips There are three sources of clips that you will place on the Shelf and from which you will build your movie: · Video clips from a DV camera · QuickTime clips · Still Images Importing clips from each of these sources requires slightly different tasks. Adding Video Clips from a DV Camera The really neat part about an iMovie-compatible DV camcorder is that you can control your DV camcorder by using iMovie's controls. The Play, Fast Forward, Stop, and other buttons in the iMovie Monitor actually control your DV camcorder. Importing clips from a DV camcorder is a snap. Import Clips from a DV Camcorder 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open your iMovie project. Turn the DV camera on and set it to its output setting (this is sometimes labeled VCR or VTR). Connect the FireWire cable to the DV camcorder and your Mac. You will see a message in iMovie's Monitor window confirming that iMovie is in touch with your DV camcorder. In addition to the "Camera Connected" message, the button just under the Monitor is now Import, which means that you are ready to begin importing your clips into iMovie. Use iMovie's controls to control the DV camera to move to the first segment on the tape that you want to import into your project; this is where the log you created when you planned your movie comes in. Use your log to get to a point just before the clip that you want to import. Click the Import button (or press the Spacebar); iMovie starts the camcorder and begins cap- turing the clips. It stores the first clip in the first available slot on the Shelf. When it gets to a scene break (the point at which you hit the Stop Recording button on the DV camcorder), it ends that clip and immediately begins capturing the next scene, which it places in the next available slot on the Shelf (see Figure 4.15). iMovie names each clip Clip # where # is a se- quential number.