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Speeding Clips Up or Slowing Them Down > Change the Speed at which a Clip Plays - Pg. 121

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 2. 3. 121 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Click the Brightness/Contrast effect. You will see a preview in the Preview window. Use the Effect In slider to set how long the effect takes to transition in; if you want the whole clip to be affected, leave the slider set all the way to the left. The farther to the right that you drag the slider, the longer it takes for the full effect to kick in. Use the Effect Out slider to determine when the effect begins to go away, thus returning your clip to its previous appearance. If you leave the slider all the way to the right, the clip will remain as you adjust it for its duration. The further you move the slider to the left, the earlier in the clip the effect begins to disappear. Use the Brightness slider to change the clip's brightness. Use the Contrast slider to change the clip's contrast. Click preview to see the changed clip in the Monitor. Continue adjusting the effect until you are happy with it. Click Apply to apply the effect to the clip. Committing to or Removing a Special Effect After you have applied an effect to a clip, live with the clip for a while. Preview it several times. If you decide that you want to return to the original version, select the clip and click Restore Clip. The effect will be removed, and the original version of the clip will be restored. When you are sure you want to keep the clip as you've changed it, select the clip to which the special effect has been applied and click the Commit button. This removes the original version of the clip and frees up the disk space it was consuming.