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iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album 80 · Books that you order from Apple should include at least 10 pages. If you have fewer than 10 pages in a book that you want to order, add more images or change the theme or page design so that you have at least 10 pages. Otherwise, the book you receive will have blank pages in it. · Before you order a copy of the book from Apple, print it yourself first (even if you only have a black-and-white printer). Books are expensive to order, and you should use your printed copy to make sure that the book you create is worth the cost and that it doesn't have any mistakes. Sharing Your Images Viewing images within iPhoto is fine, but sharing them in various ways is even better. Use iPhoto's Share mode to present your images in many different ways. This includes printing them, creating slideshows, ordering prints, ordering books, posting images to your iTools Web page, and exporting them from iPhoto in various formats. Printing Images Even an inexpensive inkjet printer can enable you to print photos that are equivalent to the quality of a photo printed by a professional. Printing photos from iPhoto is similar to printing documents from other applications (although the specific settings you use are more important because of their effect on the quality of the printed images). Print Your iPhoto Images 1. 2. Select the image that you want to print. Click the Share mode button.