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Extracting Video and Audio Elements of Any QuickTime Movie for Your Digital Lifestyle Projects NOTE 194 Although I use the term QuickTime throughout this chapter when writing about source ma- terial, you should understand that almost any content could be imported into QuickTime directly, even if it isn't actually a QuickTime movie, thus becoming QuickTime source ma- terial. At the end of this chapter, you will find a table that lists most of the files formats that you can import into QuickTime Player (and thus export in other formats that you can import to and use in your projects). Export the QuickTime Source Movie from iMovie 1. 2. 3. Choose File, Export Movie. Choose To QuickTime on the Export pop-up menu. Since you want your source movies to be as high quality as possible, choose Full Quality, Large on the Formats pop-up menu (see Figure 8.3). Figure 8.3. Since you want your source movies to be high quality, use the Full Quality export setting to create the QuickTime movie. 4. 5. Click Export. In the Save As dialog, name your source movie, choose a location in which to save it, and click Save. The QuickTime source movie will be created in the location you indicated. Now you have a QuickTime movie that you can use as source material for other projects (see Figure 8.4). Figure 8.4. Here is a QuickTime source movie playing in QuickTime Player.